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Help! How to unsubscribe from e-mail notification; how to reply with quote?

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Rob Heusdens posted on Wed, Aug 11 2010 8:06 AM

Somebody know how to not autom. receive e-mai  notifications and how to reply to a post with quote?

This forum seems to work a little different then the many others I use, and seems i can't figure it out myself.

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William replied on Wed, Aug 11 2010 10:46 AM



Highlight desired text to quote and hit the "quote" button.  The "quote" feature may be broke however.

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About not getting emails:

If you are writing a post and dont want to get emails, uncheck the "email me replies to this post" box which is below the message you are writing.

If you are getting emails of new posts to a particular thread, open the thread, and in the right margin is a place to press "stop following this" or something like that.

About quotes: One way is [qqoute] before what you wish to quote, and [/qqoute] after. I purposely misspelled the word qoute, using two q's, or the computer here will think I'm trying to use the quote function. Just spell it correctly when you do it.

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