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Enough of the Myth of American Morality

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ravochol Posted: Wed, Aug 25 2010 8:58 AM


By Bill Noxid 

August 24, 2010 "Information Clearing House-- It's Time for Americans to stop making false proclamations about this Country that only demonstrate their ignorance and unwillingness to face what happened yesterday, much less the historical truth of the United States. Since the brief shift of direction toward exposing truth during the end of the Bush era and 2008 Presidential campaign, this country has wildly – even spastically – swung back in the direction of madness and deception, and it is certainly no mystery why.

In the last ten years this country (or the corporate slavers) has committed more crimes against Man, God, and Planet than is still possible to conceive, yet what ‘seems’ to be most Americans are content to pretend none of it happened. Granted, a good portion of that ‘appearance’ is due to corporate control of media and mis-education from diversionary propaganda, but there is no shortage of examples of good old fashioned ignorance and denial.

Two stolen national elections, false-flag operations (and 3 Trillion dollars) to start two colonial corporate wars, policy of torture for false confessions, destruction and dissolution of constitutional privacy into a covert corporate surveillance industry, deliberate economic collapse through industry wide mortgage and insurance fraud, 24T to refinance the Globo-Econo-Criminals that crashed it in the first place, destruction of the illusion of finance, fairness, and justice, and any number of other staggering overt efforts have been exposed and acknowledged, yet people have ‘forgotten’ all of it and have been drawn back into their comfortable delusions about what this country is and what this country does.

Obviously it’s a psychological dysfunction to ignore this amount of reality, and were I on any other planet, I have no doubt it would be diagnosed as such. However the roots of delusion on this planet stretch back to the beginnings of ‘recorded history,’ and this country is a perfect example of why that is. So many societies have been destroyed and their historical knowledge replaced with the conqueror’s propaganda that virtually no historical reality remains.

“Christians, landing upon their coasts, seized as many as they found, men, women, and children, and transported them to America. It was about 1551 that the English began trading to Guinea. They set the men on shore, to burn their towns and take the inhabitants. In 1556, Sir John Hawkins sailed with two ships to Cape Verd, where he sent eighty men on shore to catch Negroes, but they met with such resistance, that they had seven men killed, and took but ten Negroes.”

“It was some time before the Europeans found a more compendious way of procuring African slaves, by prevailing upon them to make war upon each other, and to sell their prisoners. Till then they seldom had any wars; but were in general quiet and peaceable. But the white men first taught them drunkenness and avarice, and then hired them to sell one another. Nay, by this means, even their Kings are induced to sell their own subjects.” John Wesley: Christian Theologian / Methodist Founder - 1774

Here we see one of the cornerstones of the ‘modern’ world, and one of the foundational lessons learned by the colonial slavers. In fact, our Global Society is built on it. Just look at the planet and you can see how well and how often it has been applied over the last 500 years. All over the world in all of the colonized countries we have Blacks fighting Blacks for no apparent reason, Kings driving Bentleys while their people have no food, and guns and bullets for everyone, yet none of them have any shoes. All the while the corporate slavers quietly steal the resources and labor as they fund all sides of the conflicts, and these two simple paragraphs from John Wesley explain why that is. This practice of division, diversion, and the self-perpetuation of slavery and violence has been the primary method of colonization for hundreds of years.

Divide and concur is used in almost every operation against our own people as well. In this country (and on this planet) it is a very simple matter to create racial division by playing to the engrained belief developed over 500 years of slavery that White people are superior to Black people, and that Black people are inherently scary and dangerous. This division is easy to trigger (because many consciously or subconsciously still very much believe it is true), and it easily creates strife over artificially induced divisions while preventing unity in seeking out the real tyrants and criminals. Although the equally poor, disaffected, and ignorant White people in this country are as enslaved as anybody else, playing to their belief (‘remembrance’) that they are superior to Black people harkens back to the ‘good ol’ days,’ and is as American as baseball and apple pie.

There have been innumerous examples of just how easy it is to vilify Black and Brown people in this country without any evidence or basis in reality, but one glaring example that haunts the planet is the false flag operation of 9/11. Only a couple of days after the event, all evidence and signs pointed to a massive large scale operation that involved local, State, National, and International Governments, yet all of it was trumped by one planted passport supposedly found on the street from a building disintegration that didn’t leave so much as a keyboard in tact.

“They hate our Freedom” was all it took to convince the people of this county that brown people 5,000 miles away in caves with box cutters defeated the NSA, CIA, and United States Military, and ten years of evidence has yet to dissuade them from their delusional belief. The ignorance and hate emanating from the @Park51 Community Center ‘controversy’ demonstrates conclusively that just as it was ten years ago, still no evidence is required to demonize an entire race or religion of brown people because American White people ‘feel’ violated based on their self-delusion and lack of historical knowledge. The whole world is expected to capitulate to American unreasonable and outrageous demands because the people are too ignorant and fearful to know the truth of anything.

The very people responsible for starting the two colonial wars are the ones scapegoating Muslims for the violence, and the American Islamophobic masses are all too eager to believe. The slavers are betting (and to this point are correct) that the masses are too medicated and exhausted to reevaluate who was responsible for 9/11, and like I said – fear of ‘Black and different’ is an easy sell. By fabricating a conflict over whether it is ‘sacrilege’ to allow a Muslim Community Center to be built four blocks from WTC in an old Burlington Coat Factory, the misdirected masses never get around to asking the real questions about 9/11 like why is there evidence of 100 Tons of Nano-thermite in WTC dust, or how could the building (WTC Building 7) that housed the SEC (All Worldcom and Enron investigation evidence), the Secret Service, the IRS, and the Office of Emergency Management be wired for demolition prior to the event, so that Larry Silverstein and the ‘Fire Department’ were able to ‘pull it’ into it’s own footprint – just like both Towers.

The real conversation gets lost in the lowest common denominators of hate and ignorance, and that is the corporate slavers’ intention. Rather than figure out why all of the supposed hijackers are still alive, it’s easier for the people to believe box cutters made three of the most soundly constructed buildings on the planet turn to powder, and made the air force disappear for a day. Rather than question why all of the steel beams from WTC were immediately trucked off in guarded convoys and shipped to China for meltdown without any forensic investigation, it’s easier for them to blame an entire ‘dark, foreign, and strange’ religion that had nothing to do with it. All of this while heaping religious and moral hypocrisy upon religious and moral hypocrisy with one group trying to get a Catholic Bishop to mediate whether Muslims can build a Community Center, while another plans a Koran Book Burning.

The slavers know this, and that’s why this trumped up ‘controversy’ is all over the news along with issues like Dr. Laura’s fight for her First Amendment right to tell ‘niggers’ they are too sensitive and shouldn’t marry outside of their race. Division and diversion away from their own motives and actions are the intent, and division and diversion are the result. If the denial in this country were not equivalent to a 15 meter thick titanium shield, it would be easily understood why turning half the population against the AlienMuslim Marxist Communist Kenyan Terrorist Manchurian (‘Nigger’) President is so easy to do, while ten years of actual fascist takeover went unnoticed.

To the top 2% (The Slave Owners) however, we are all slaves regardless of color or geographic location. As I said some time ago in “Free in Our Time,” everyone on this planet is in Slavery whether they are cognizant of it or not. The ill-gotten wealth, power, and legacy that were built upon 500 years of injustice and the institution of slavery didn’t magically disappear at any point, it evolved into the system you call ‘Capitalism.’ There was no magic reset period where 500 years of conquest, theft, and crimes against Creation were suddenly made right, and everyone was made ‘equal’ and ‘whole.’

The empire and system of slavery still very much exists, and the fact that you remain enslaved to it is easy to define. Individuals in this country (and on this Planet) have “jobs” which occupy most of their waking life to produce goods and services for the Institution of the Corporation for generally meager compensation, which they promptly give right back to the Institution of the Corporation for the same goods and services. At best you live in indentured servitude, but in reality you are still on the Plantation.

To even jest that equality exists in any form on this planet is preposterous. This system has been designed and evolved with the specific purpose of steering all money, power, privilege, and influence in one direction, and no ‘equality’ can result from such a system. For instance, if you set out to play a game of Monopoly, but your opponents Grandparents previously killed the last people that were playing the game, took all the money and property, built houses and hotels on all of it, and left you nothing but 2 dollars and starting off in jail, there’s no chance of you “working your way up” in the game. There’s no chance of you ever becoming “equal” to your opponent.

However this is precisely the situation the descendants of slaves and colonization face in this country and on this planet, except it’s even considerably worse than that. Continuing the Monopoly analogy, imagine that in addition to this resource deficit you were also enslaved for 500 years prior to the game and forbidden to learn how to play, count money, or read the names of the properties under penalty of death. Imagine that an hour before the game you are handed the instructions that you cannot read, are told you are now ‘free’ to play, and told that you are now ‘equal’ to he who has enslaved you. For 40 minutes of that hour while you are trying to learn how to read, your opponent’s father is whipping you with a tree branch and setting your relatives on fire in an effort to scare you out of playing at all. Clearly there is nothing resembling equality in the nature of this game, and there is no intent for there to be.

This is the farcical delusion they call the “Land of the Free.” This is the miracle of the “Free Enterprise” system. Criminality masquerading as Civilization and always one step from being discovered as the fraud it is. This is the reason for the sudden burst of propaganda, tax-payer funded ‘terror’ attacks, and every divisive issue since the 1950s being rolled out in the hopes of continuing to derail Evolution. If the people of this planet actually realize the simplicity and outrageousness of their own enslavement, the Slavers know they are not long for this world. They need to reignite the fear and hatred that fueled the origin of their way of life and business, lest the truth of that business be revealed for all to see.

This is why their biggest fear is what they call ‘redistribution of wealth.’ They want to keep all of that Monopoly money to themselves. The slavers are very well aware that everything they have is built on the backs and bodies of slaves and that all of the ‘property’ they claim is stolen. The fact that part of an 18th century slave ship was justfound under WTC Ground Zero (something that should have gotten considerably more press than the Islamophobia diversion) is literal proof of that. They know if that reality is understood by the masses, ‘redistribution’ is exactly what would and should happen. So when you see the likes of Lady Lynn Forester De-Rothschild show up on MSNBC portending to be a Democrat and the voice of the little people, pay close attention to the language they use. Once you understand the truth of their motivations, the language and fears of the slavers becomes easy to see.

 "It’s an outrageous Failure of the President to put confidence into the small businesses where people who have money (the ones withholding 2T in idle funds while the slaves starve) would be willing to spend money. To give people confidence that the Government is behind the creation of wealth (meaning giving them the 1T tax cut) instead of really the distribution of wealth (spending it on ANY worthwhile social, educational, humanitarian, or infrastructure project)."

“Let the private sector (the slave owners), let the genius of American entrepreneurial spirit take over, not the sense of entitlement (humanity and equality) that president Obama always talks about. He talks about our need to give, we are people who build (steal). That’s what made America, America. This Democrat is messing with the sauce of American goodness, American greatness.”

What made America, America, was genocide, slavery, theft, and deception. You may not like our history, but it doesn’t change the reality of it. Every time the President (or anyone else) proclaims “This is America” like it places us above reproach, it demonstrates the pathological denial that he and this country suffer from. Until you face the truth of this country’s origin and Modus Operandi, whatever you believe in is based on a Disneyland fraud. If that seems harsh, it’s your own fault for spending 500 years in denial.

Based on this country’s historical record, the evidence of the resulting state of humanity and the planet, and the magnification of the behavior exhibited over the last ten years, neither this country nor this religion can feign moral superiority (or even perspective) on any matter at all until it faces the incalculable mountain of deception and fraud upon which its empire was built. Descendants of slavers who are still slavers, yet deny they are slavers or descendants of slavers, can no longer be afforded ‘free speech rights’ or moral standing to continue their denial, diversion, and deception. 

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