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Lost Posts.

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Lagrange multiplier posted on Fri, Oct 29 2010 11:15 AM

I've noticed three problems:

  1. In a "Conversation," sent messages can show up completely blank on both ends. All information is lost.
  2. While posting to the forum, when you attempt to submit the content, it refreshes the page (or something like that), rather than posting the information. All information is lost.
  3. While posting to the forum, it can take long (seemingly minutes) for a post to appear (leading to confusion on whether or not it submitted successfully).

I know that problem 1 is not only a problem for me, and I'm betting the other two aren't, either. Are these being addressed somehow? I have developed a habit of copying everything I am ready to post now, and it's a burdensome extra step.

"I'm not a fan of Murray Rothbard." -- David D. Friedman

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