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The Fed at Jekyll Island: 100 Years Later, They're Baaack!

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hugolp Posted: Wed, Nov 3 2010 7:36 AM

Well isn't this cute?

Just days after the Federal Reserve will announce it has launched QE2, the Fed will hold a major conference at  Jekyll Island, celebrating the secret meeting held 100 years ago that resulted in the creation of the Fed. 

The island is off the coast of the U.S. state of Georgia. 

In November 1910, Senator Nelson W. Aldrich and Assistant Secretary of the Treasury Department A.P. Andrews, and other top financiers,arrived at the Jekyll Island Club to discuss monetary policy and the banking system. The secret meetings led to the creation of the Federal Reserve.

Forbes magazine founder Bertie Charles Forbes wrote several years later:


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Malachi replied on Sat, Apr 27 2013 1:58 PM

from wiki

In 2008, the Jekyll Island History Museum, the Jekyll Island Authority, and the Friends of Historic Jekyll Island commemorated the survivors of the slave ship Wanderer, the last slavery vessel to transport slaves without repercussions. On November 28 of 1858, nearly 50 years after the legal importing of slaves was outlawed in the United States, The Wanderer anchored near the southern portion of Jekyll Island, transporting 465 enslaved Africans ashore.[3]

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