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Help! Getting Peter Schiff more press

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EEmr Posted: Sat, Jan 29 2011 9:02 PM

I wonder how many have discovered Austrian Economics or studied it closer because of Peter Schiff demolition of other economists before the financial crisis and the during the early stages of it.
While listening to his radio show he mentioned how he had a hard time getting on 60 minutes and how he had also been blocked by Real Time.
It struck by that there is probably enough people on the internet interested in Austrian economics and familiar or supportive of Peter Schiff. The least these people could do if organized around it was flood the e-mails of the networks who do not want to feature Peter Schiff.

They might not bring him on but I think a large enough emails on the same subject will bring that about.

I therefore started a thepoint cause because I think it is important that Schiff get as much press as possible before the dollar completely tanks. 60 minutes would also be a good place to start even with their liberal/statist worldview.

Advice and support are welcome, irritating or negative comments can start their own topic :)

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