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How the state should force you to eat healthy

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Bardock Posted: Wed, Feb 2 2011 6:43 AM

An "interesting" article today in the New York Times opinion page

A Food Manifesto for the Future

My personal favorite part from the article had to be this paragraph:

Tax the marketing and sale of unhealthful foods. Another budget booster. This isn’t nanny-state paternalism but an accepted role of government: public health. If you support seat-belt, tobacco and alcohol laws, sewer systems and traffic lights, you should support legislation curbing the relentless marketing of soda and other foods that are hazardous to our health — including the sacred cheeseburger and fries.
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We don't even know what foods are necessarily unhealthy. What a nut.

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Never mind that it's fricking fascism, it just doesn't work. All social engineering runs into the law of unintended consequences. Then they have to counter-social-engineer, it's kind of hilarious to read about the examples.

"They all look upon progressing material improvement as upon a self-acting process." - Ludwig von Mises
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