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Salerno Monopoly lecture - tables

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Nielsio Posted: Wed, Feb 9 2011 1:26 PM

I emailed this to Joseph Salerno, but didn't get a response.

Would anyone else be able to help me out?


Hello Mr Salerno,

I upload a lot of Austrian material to my Youtube channel ( ), and I would like to upload your lecture 'The Theory of Monopoly Price: From Menger to Rothbard' ( ).

The problem I have is that in the video the image from the overhead projector isn't shown, so we can't see the tables and graphs. I found that Menger in his own book uses similar examples but they are different and I cannot derive what the tables are from your words.

Would you still have or know the tables that are used in the lecture?


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Gero replied on Wed, Feb 9 2011 10:28 PM

You could email editor Jeffrey Tucker who can ask Salerno. Salerno may more likely respond to Tucker than to you.

Of course, Salerno just may not check his email as frequently as you want him to.

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Yeah I just had a correspondance with Bob Murphy about a paper Salerno published...he mentioned I might email Salerno directly, but that he is more than likely pretty busy.

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