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Human trafficking by state-employed social workers

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Voievod Posted: Thu, May 1 2008 3:19 AM

WASHINGTON (Map, News) - There’s an empty highchair sitting in the kitchen of the Arlington home of Nancy Hey and Christopher Slitor. It’s their daughter Sabrina’s highchair. But it’s been empty for two years because thieves disguised as Arlington County social workers and judges took her from her parents. She was stolen with no public scrutiny or accountability. Arlington County social workers used unproven allegations of neglect in April 2005 to justify removing then-3-week-old Sabrina from her parent’s home. Her parents were accused - anonymously - of starving Sabrina. And they were deemed unable to care properly for their daughter, even with the frequent help of Nancy Hey’s mother and a full-time nanny. After more than two years of legal wrangling with the county’s Child Protective Services (CPS), Arlington Circuit Court Judge James Almand terminated the couple’s parental rights in June 2007.


Here's a question: would anyone have the right to ensure that other people's kids are properly taken care of in Anarcho-Capitalism? (this relates to the child abuse/pedophilia news that's been going around). Are children self-owned? If so, who has the right to represent their rights?


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wombatron replied on Thu, May 1 2008 10:36 AM

 Walter Block has a very interesting article here that should help:]

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