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Question about returning to the Gold Standard

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MarcosPortillo posted on Sat, Apr 30 2011 3:38 AM

I'm all about returning to sound money instead of continuing this crazy juggling of creating fiat money. However, how exactly do we return to the gold standard (if it were an option)? What would happen to the money we have now? What could possibly happen to the economy as a whole or the marketplace? What would the process be?

I just can't really visualize the path back to sound money without some controlled chaos going on before we get there. 

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Joe Salerno attempts to answer this question, in the second half of this video I believe:

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z1235 replied on Sat, Apr 30 2011 7:13 AM


1. Repeal legal tender laws

2. Repeal capital gains taxes


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Rothbard explains this in a practical, step-by-step plan...

The Case for a 100 Percent Gold Dollar, & The Case for a Genuine Gold Dollar by Murray Rothbard


(and you might go ahead with

just for good measure)


Actually, here's the full recommended reading list, in order.

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