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Has anyone else here read Liberty Defined?

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No2statism Posted: Sun, May 1 2011 10:08 AM

I've gotten up to Insurance (in one sitting), and I like the book although it's kind of boring since I already knew what we define liberty as.  He seems to have endorsed the articles of confederation, which was good.   I just hope that doesn't cost him votes in the future.  I like his stance on immigration.  Unfortunately, I saw something on VDARE which completely took it out of context and that bugs the **** out of me.  I've never seen anything so taken out of context, as one can clearly tell that he's still more anti-amnesty than most politicians from reading the chapter on immigration.  He even said a while back that the Mexicans were the worst people, although I don't think I could ever find the video in which he said that again.  I don't think Mexicans are bad people in general, although I am somewhat worried about immigrants voting authoritarian on an even larger scale than the native born population (Mexicans wouldn't be the only immigrants who would vote even more authoritarian than the native pop).  I think it would be best dismantle the welfare state first, but that would basically require going back to the Articles of Confederation.  Sorry I'm so obsessed with the Articles of Confederation and that I mention it so much.  I was hoping that didn't annoy anyone.

One glaring omission, however, is nothing on intellectual property.

Anyway, has anyone else read it, or is it something anarcho capitalists shouldn't be reading?  If anyone else here has read it, what do you think? 

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