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Reading lists

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John James Posted: Sun, Jul 10 2011 4:43 AM

Thought this might be useful:

NOTE: if you are interested in any of the books on any of these lists, first do a search on the Mises Wiki for it.  The most popular titles are there, and the entries include all relevant links, including the "resources page" which usually includes free downloads of the full text in various forms (PDF, eBook, etc).

If you cannot find the book in the Mises Wiki, it doesn't mean it isn't available for free, it just means a wiki entry hasn't been created for it yet. (Consider joining and making it!)  In that case, go to and perform a search for the title.  Hover over the results and look for an entry whose URL begins with "".  That will take you to the resources page with all the downloads.  If you find one that begins with "", it may be a free audiobook version, or a lecture on the subject.

(You can perform these searches a little easier by going to the Mises literature and Mises media pages individually and searching there, but sometimes not all of the relevant results show up, so you might start there, then use the main page search as a backup.)  Happy learning!


All subjects

Two books everyone must read

Learning for Liberty - all-inclusive list  (adapted from the "Education for Liberty" list below)
--Learn Austrian Economics - longer list specific to econ  (adds specific links to Salerno lecture)

Education for Liberty - comprehensive list compiled by C4L  (includes everything from the two above)

Short reads (~100 pages or less)


One Book for Capitalism

Ten Steps to Understand Austrian Economic Theory - Gary North top 10 list (in order of difficulty)

Ron Paul's list on money - grouped by difficulty

Money and Business Cycles - collection of Austrian writings on depressions and money

Austrian Business Cycle Theory learning materials

Praxeology: reading list

Reading List for Competition, Monopoly, and Anti-Trust

Critiques of Keynes list

Political theory

Voluntarist works and authors list

Free Society reading list

Top Ten Books of Liberty

Libertarian political philosophy reading list

Books on Anarcho Capitalism and Minarchism

Ron Paul's foreign policy reading list for Rudy Giuliani

Marxism - A materials list

Leftist Reading List

Philosophy Reading List

Intro to philosophy syllabus


Best Books on United States History

Top 12 History and Proto-Libertarian Works for Individualists

Five revisionist books on war

History Reading List


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IMHo one should mention always "Men Economy and State", this probably is the most complete aggregation of a lot of prior authors.

I personally think that Rothbard has driven it the maximal conclusion.

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