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To all users whose posts don't show up: use Google Chrome

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Wheylous Posted: Thu, Oct 27 2011 4:15 PM

You can import you favorites and stuff.

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You can import favorites and bookmarks and such in virtually every browser. 

I like Firefox and Chromium.  (I prefer Chromium over Chrome basically because it's essentially the same thing, except it doesn't include all of Google's "add-ins".  Most people don't realize this, but to create the latest version of Chrome, Google just grabs the latest version of Chromium and then puts some of their own stuff in, and the bottom line is, I don't trust that what they say they are putting in there is everything they're putting in there.  The only way anyone would know is if someone took the time to take a Chrome installer exe and find a way to crack the source code, and then go through it all...which, I'm not sure why anyone would take the time to do.)

Anyway, a lot of people don't know where to get Chromium...but the easiest place is straight from the development and run the "mini installer" here.


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