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Legal to Order Contacts Without Prescription From Non-US Companies?

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limitgov Posted: Sun, Jan 1 2012 9:53 AM

Its legal for non-US companies to sell contacts to American citizens without prescriptions?

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Do US required prescriptions on contact purchases drive up the price of contact lenses for US customers?

Are contacts cheaper in other countries where no prescriptions are required? Like the United Kingdom?


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It's likely not a question of legality as non-US companies wouldn't be subject to US laws reqarding the sale of contact lenses.  Rather it would be the company and countries policy regarding contact lenses that would likely be more important.  If the country didn't require that a Doctor's prescription acompany each order and that company shipped contact lenses world wide it would likely be possible for US consumers to buy contacts lenses online  without a prescription.  In addition to the site in the post below I found this one that also states it's possible to buy contact lenses without a prescription from the UK. 

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