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Recommend me a good book on World War I

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Scrooge McDuck Posted: Sat, Jan 7 2012 9:15 PM

By "good" I mean a book which features a lot of information about the role America played in the war. I understand why Hoppe declares WWI as the end of civilization, but I was hoping for a book which provides more detail.

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You can try e-mailing David Gordon or anyone who registered for his Mises Academy course, "The Real Causes of America's War: a Revisionist View." It looks like most of the previous forum posts are on World War II.

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Albert Jay Nock, The Myth of a Guilty Nation

Niall Ferguson, The Pity of War

Thomas Fleming, The Illusion of Victory: America in World War I  - Review by David Gordon:

The Voluntaryist Reader: Libertarian forums that actually work:
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Shall it be again? "So long as a handful of men in Wall Street control the credit and industrial processes of the country, they will continue to control the press, the government, and, by deception, the people. They will not only compel the public to work for them in peace, but to fight for them in war."
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I understand why Hoppe declares WWI as the end of civilization


For a pretty straightforeward military history of the war, see "The First World War," by John Keegan.

I'd also recomend "Dreadnought" and "Castles of Steel," by Robert K. Massie. The former is a very nice portrait of the breakdown of the balance of power in the decades leading to 1914, and the latter is specifically about the naval war between Germany and Britain

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