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Great Depression GDP data

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cloneof posted on Wed, Jan 18 2012 8:46 AM

Hi I'm trying to make a response video. Now in that video I will be making a point about government spenditures and I though that why wouldn't I use some data made about the Great Depression, that's a time that people are usually aware about.

Now I tried to look info on pages like, which have been usefull in producing good graphs, but what I'm looking for is a graph kinda like what was used in Tom Woods presentation about the Great Depression in which he seperated the government spending and private sector from the GDP numbers close, during and after WW2 in showing that government spending doesn't help the private economy.

Does anyone know any good source for such graphs, I would just rip the graphs from Wood's lecture, but I don't remember seeing an source for the information, which my debate opponent will propably ask.

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