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Thoughts on the following Sam Seder video

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CrazyCoot Posted: Thu, Feb 9 2012 7:58 AM



I'd like to hear your thoughts.

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This is the same idiot from this video.

My thoughts are that I don't know what this ignoramus's motivations are (my guess is it's because he's a socialist who doesn't like Ron Paul and libertarians in general because their promotion of freedom runs counter to his belief in statism), but either way he's an idiot spouting nonsense.

If you want proof, see here.

And as for the "Anonymous" crap, what people mean when they say "you're just repeating what they said, you're not proving anything" is no actual evidence linking Ron Paul is given.  He plays dumb by saying "what do you want, me to hold a piece of paper up to the camera"?  Yes that's exactly what I'd like.  Or you don't even have to hold it up.  Just read me the parts that link Ron Paul to the group and prove he has met with them on several occasions and that they have donated all this money to him and all these other claims they make.  They don't offer any actual quotes that support their claim, you're just supposed to sift through the mountain of boring crap and connect dots yourself.  I wonder why.

No actual evidence to support their claim is given, you're just supposed to assume it's in there somewhere.  And of course, that's what people do.  No one's going to waste their time reading through alleged emails of alleged racists just for the purpose of verifying the claims made by...well, who knows..."Anonymous".  As idiotic as it sounds, people are just fine to say:

"oh here's a random website created out of nowhere, for which no one knows the creator or who's behind it.  They're taking credit for illegal activity and claiming a Presidential candidate associates with well-known racists.  They don't provide any supporting evidence, but they give you all the files where the evidence is supposed to be.  So they must be legit.  I'm going to just read what the Huffignton post summarized of their summary of the information they stole and believe whatever they say."

People are actually giving credence to a random website created by someone or someones who actually go by the name "Anonymous", which literally anyone could do.  I could create a website today that states it's from The real Anyonymous saying that the last website was an elaborate hoax, perpetrated by the Romney campaign.  What now?  Prove my website wrong.  I will have presented virtually the same amount of evidence as the previous website, and I won't be claiming to have broken the law.  What reason are you going to have for choosing to believe one over the other?  It's just like the Huntsman false flag.  Some anonymous person goes on the Internet, makes a claim, and then it's on the accused to defend themself.  Give me a break.


What's more, the anonymous accusers state that "Ron Paul's racist politics and affiliations are already well known, being viciously anti-immigrant, anti-abortion and against gay marriage"...yet I literally just did a search for "Ron Paul" on this "Anonymous" website and this is one of the emails I came up with.  Catch this gem:

"But he also happens to hate Ron Paul. And he also happens to believe, apparently, that the Norwegian nutcase shooter is just a Norwegian nutcase shooter. Hating Ron Paul (because he's weak on stopping the non-White invasion) does not make somebody an enemy."

So according to Anonymous' own documents, the racists they accuse Ron Paul of associating with feel that Ron Paul is "weak" on their racist agenda.

Oh but of course, that's just cuz they're such extreme racists!

We all know Ron Paul is a homophobic homosexual-lover who thinks gay people should be executed (but also allowed to marry), a racist who does pro bono work for interracial couples, a pro-abortionist who argues for anti-abortion ideals, and a Democratic party double agent RINO Republican candidate who lives by libertarian principles.

Make sure you catch the "allowed to marry" link.  While people like this anonymous website creator are calling Ron Paul anti-gay marriage, actual anti-gay marriage groups are spending money to make robocalls to potential voters warning them about how Ron Paul is destroying marriage with his pro-gay agenda.

So we have Anonymous claiming Paul is anti-gay marriage, and then actual anti-gay marriage people attacking when Bachmann said Paul was "too pro-gay" (link above), and when people initialize robocalls to warn about Ron Paul and his pro-gay marriage agenda.

And then on top of that, when I actually took 30 seconds to run a search on the website the day I heard about it, the email I happen to click on shows the racists claiming Ron Paul is weak on their racist agenda.

People are so desperate.

But what I do love is the way it's waking people up.  The more they try to railroad him, the more obvious it is.  (Get a load of this).  It's so obvious that even socialists (at least ones who are actually aware) are coming around.



Sorry if you tried to click the link to the email from the racist group that said Ron Paul is weak on their racist agenda.  As you were probably able to tell, Anonymous' "smoking gun" exposé website is down now.  i wonder why.  It was such a great piece of muckraking.  It was the story of the century.  It was the Zapruder film, Nixon tapes, and the body of Jimmy Hoffa all in one.

Maybe the Ron Paul elites got the CIA to shut it down via the Tri Lateral Commission by way of the CFR!!


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I swear this was a total coincidence, but I paused the video to switch tabs and compose the above post, and then when I was done I went back to the other tab, and this is the frame it had paused on:



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