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What will America be like 10 years from now?

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Al_Gore the Idiot Posted: Fri, Mar 16 2012 1:04 PM

Predictions? Hyperinflation, deflation, world war, ban on internet usage, holocaust against Muslims, etc?

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Clayton replied on Fri, Mar 16 2012 1:20 PM

I think we are on a steady march towards Euro-ization. It's difficult to crystal-ball-gaze but we can highlight a few points:

- Iran. The Establishment is hell-bent on war with Iran. It appears that Obama's raison d'etre was to Preside over a war with Iran. In 2008, the US media began a synchronized beating of the war-drums which went on for about a year (6 months before Obama's election and about 6 months after) and died down by the end of 2009. By 2010, there was absolute media silence about Iran. The Establishment's war aims had been doused by anti-Iraq war/Afghan war public sentiment. The polls spoke loud and clear: Americans were filled up to their noses with war and would not willingly accept a third war.

Then we had a series of exquisitely unusual events in 2010, 2011. I'm not sure if they're all connected but they definitely deserve notice. Deepwater Horizon. Arab Spring. Fukushima. Then, near the end of 2011, they started up the war drums again. "Bomb, bomb, bomb... bomb, bomb Iran" as John McCain once crooned.

- Anit-Muslim sentiment is intimately interwoven with the wider war in the Middle East. They go hand in hand. The Establishment keeps on hand at all times a whipping-boy to take the blame when SHTF and their wars spin out of their own control. "The Jews did it!" was the explanation for WWI. "The Nazis and the Japs did it!" was the explanation for WWII. "The Muslims did it!" is the latest.

- North American Union. Yeah, it's coming.

- Domestic/global police state measures. I think the Orwellian fears are overstated but there is no doubt that the Establishment is currently testing the boundaries of the public's patience. What levels of humiliation will we gladly endure? The idea is to push us nearly to the snapping point and then pull back just a tiny bit.

- Economic collapse/one-world currency. They want it. Bad. Not sure if they're going to be able to pull it off, however. It all turns on their ability to hegemonize the entire globe. You can't have a global currency if rogue governments can just start using gold whenever they don't like the policy dictates coming out of London, DC and Berlin (and perhaps we should include the Vatican in this list, as well).

Clayton -
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