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Paid Project - Interested?

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Pysikes Posted: Sat, Mar 31 2012 6:30 AM

If you have experience with putting together budgets etc, we are looking for a candidate or a team to set a budget much like Ron Pauls "Restore America Now" plan with the difference being - it is for a European country. In effect, if you can roll back the public service and over time by attrition bring some comparable points to that and a Libertarian society, we'd like you to work for us to which you'll be paid.


PM is interested. Thank you.

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If you really expect any response, I would suggest beefing up credibility of this post, as right now it really looks suspicious.

To the rest of the forum - if the post were genuine, which country would you expect that to be?

I bet on Iceland.

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Now you mention it, who has experience putting together a budget besides politicians?

And who would ask a bunch of amateurs [assuming here that the typical forum conributor is like me] and not the pros like Salerno, Block, etc?

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