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The Preservation of Mises's Works in Foreign Languages

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AustrianSchoolOfHandguns Posted: Tue, May 8 2012 3:46 AM

Today I was reading "Keynes the Man," which mentioned that Keynes single-handedly prevented Theorie des Geldes und der Umlaufsmittel from being translated into English until the 1930s, merely by producing an unfavorable review of the German-language version which he read and claimed to have comprehended. (Spoiler alert: Keynes was holding the book upside-down the entire time) It got me thinking about the importance of making the works of Mises available in as many languages as possible, particularly in a digital form unencumbered by copyright.

Obviously the LvMI has done an exceptional job with the English and German versions of Mises's works, going so far as to commission professionally made unabridged audiobooks which are then made available for free. There has also been an effort made at compiling some foreign-language Austrian materials here, but this page is mainly useful as a compilation of titles; a great deal of the links are broken. There are also some strange oversights; for instance, there are no Japanese titles listed anywhere, despite the considerable translation efforts of Toshio Murata (村田稔雄) and others.

In this thread, I'd like to compile a superset of this information: not just translated titles, but (where possible) links to the complete text online. Part of the value of this information is in preservation: foreign language digital media, once identified, can be converted into other formats (e.g. ePub, Mobi, HTML) and widely replicated (e.g. mirrored on, incorporated into the next version of the Mises Books torrents, etc).

Where this is not the case, I'd like to identify candidates for digital preservation (e.g. through scanning) of a hard copy of the book. The Japanese texts, for instance, all appear to be out of print (which explains a lot about the state of Japan's economy, actually), and something should really be done to ensure their continued availability.

The Theory of Money and Credit

Language Title Link
English The Theory of Money and Credit Full text
German Theorie des Geldes und der Umlaufsmittel Full text (first edition, pdf)
Japanese 貨幣及び流通手段の理論 (Kahei oyobi ryūtsūshudan no riron) search
Chinese (Traditional) 貨幣與信用原理 (huò bì yǔ xìn yòng yuán lǐ) Full text? (PDF, eMule, unverified)


Language Title Link
English Socialism: An Economic and Sociological Analysis Full text
German Die Gemeinwirtschaft: Untersuchungen über den Sozialismus Full text (pdf)
Chinese (Simplified) 社会主义:经济与社会学的分析 (shè huì zhǔ yì: jīng jì yǔ shè huì xué de fēn xī) detail page


Language Title Link
English Liberalism (formerly: "The Free and Prosperous Commonwealth") Full text
German Liberalismus Full text (pdf)
Czech Liberalismus Full text (pdf)
Russian Либерализм в классической традиции (lit. "Liberalism in the Classical Tradition") Full text
Chinese 自由与繁荣的国度 (zì yóu yǔ fán róng de guó dù) ???


Language Title Link
English Bureaucracy Full text
German Die Bürokratie detail page
Czech Byrokracie Full text (pdf)
Chinese (Simplified) 官僚体制反资本主义的心态 (guān liáo tǐ zhì fǎn zī běn zhǔ yì de xīn tài) detail page

Human Action

Language Title Link
English Human Action Full text
German Nationalökonomie Full text (pdf)
Czech Lidské Jednání Full text (pdf)
Japanese ヒューマン・アクションー人間行為の経済学 (Hyūman akushon: ningen kōi no keizaigaku) detail page
Chinese (Simplified) 人类行为的经济学分析 (rén lèi xíng wéi de jīng jì xué fēn xī) detail page

The Ultimate Foundations of Economic Science

Language Title Link
English The Ultimate Foundations of Economic Science Full text
Japanese 経済科学の根底 (Keizaikagaku no kontei) detail page


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If anyone is inclined, a really great project would be to go through the literature sections at the various foreign Mises Institute sites and see what prominant works are available, and add them here, or better yet, to their corresponding articles at the Mises Wiki in the links section, as seen here.

Speaking of Japan, they actually did have a gathering for the release of a new edition of Human Action a few years ago.


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I know that there are several editions of Human Action in Spanish. Actually, several of Mises' works are in spanish thanks to the Spanish Mises Institute.

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Um...what in the world made you think something called "Union Editorial" was the Spanish Mises Institute?  It's just a book publisher.  Think of it like Laissez-Faire Books.

Again, a list of foreign Mises Institutes can be found here.


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Jargon replied on Wed, May 9 2012 12:45 AM

JJ, redirects to

Land & Liberty

The Anarch is to the Anarchist what the Monarch is to the Monarchist. -Ernst Jünger

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Nice to know, but that doesn't make it a Mises Institute.  (i.e., doesn't change anything I said.)


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