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Free State Project Flag & Other Libertarian Merchandise

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Michelangelo Posted: Sat, May 12 2012 10:20 PM

Does anyone know where to find a Free State project flag? It's the Gadsden flag except it has a porcupine on it instead of the traditional snake. I've tried the official project website, but it seems they're backlogged. 

And on a general note of curiosity; what 'libertarian' merchandise does everyone else have? Aside from books that is.

I've picked up several of the Mises lapel pins over the years, I must half a dozen of them and wear them frequently. I also have a Rothbard drinking flash, a traditional Gadsden flag, a pirate flag (does that count?), and a libertarian party lapel. 

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I just realized I misread (Back in Stock) as (Backed up in Stock). I feel silly needless to say.

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