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Books/Articles on the US depression of 1920-21

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Prashanth Perumal posted on Tue, May 15 2012 1:52 PM

Hey guys, I'm doing my masters dissertation on the US depression of 1920-21, and currently on the look-out for materials that I can read on. Please do suggest some good books that deal with the episode in detail. Also, feel free to suggest a possible question that could be answered as a further progression in the study of this episode in history. Thank you!

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I suggest looking at this article and its bibliography: Daniel Kuehn, "A Critique of Powell, Woods, and Murphy on the 1920–1921 Depression."

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Answered (Verified) NEPHiLiX replied on Tue, May 15 2012 11:50 PM
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...and after that ^^, read this. Ignore the comments that aren't Esuric's or Daniel Kuhn's, this is where the meat is.

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