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Simasius linked to pedophile mafia?

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Zordon Posted: Sun, Jun 3 2012 10:31 AM | Locked

I've just read about events that recently shook Latvian people. I know everything about these from one Polish article and don't exactly know what link (in English) can I attach here that would do the job, so the matter is complicated. I found some sources like this: but I better tell the story concisely myself.


A man realized that his daughter was molested by some old guys, including politician and judge among others, and made this claim public. He suddenly disappeared and shortly after those accused were dead. Everybody thought it was dad's revenge, but doubts raised, especially after the discovery of his dead body and loads of greater doubts (about mysterious disappearings of witnesses in the link). The last guy that was identified by the girl as a pedophile died shortly after in the similar manner and it is finally now that those events are becoming connected with this particular board, since the last guy who mysteriously seen the dead person is Remigius Simasius, MisesU attender and author of one piece in Hoppe's Festschrift.


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Clayton replied on Sun, Jun 3 2012 11:27 AM | Locked

Mods: I would recommend deleting this thread as it makes an outrageous IRL accusation with nothing more than hearsay. And even if it was more than hearsay, this is not the place for it to be discussed.

Clayton -
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