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Free market environmentalism in today's world

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John James Posted: Sat, Jun 30 2012 9:57 PM

So of course one of the common questions that gets raised in any discussion about a free society is how exactly natural habitats would be preserved and environmental standards would be upheld without government enforcement.  There's a list of resources on that here.

I recently came across the short film below showcasing a non-profit project called "One Percent for the Planet", which is basically a network of companies that give at least 1% sales to environmental causes of their choice, and the One Percent organization certifies they meet their 1% commitment.

The companies in turn are able to use the "1%" logo at their place of business and on their products.

The setup is obviously completely coercion-free, and kind of reminded me of Mozilla's Open Badges project.

This little film is a nice look into the One Percent network, showcasing just a few of the member companies and why those owners chose to be a part of it.  It's a perfect illustration of how environmentalism could work in a free society, and a great link you can send to anyone who can't seem to fathom how the entire planet wouldn't be covered in concrete without the EPA.



I also thought we could use this thread as a repository for more such examples of free market environmentalism in today's world.


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Malachi replied on Sat, Jun 30 2012 10:21 PM
The epa actually makes money from "pollution." if you want a clean ecosystem, you need strong property rights otherwise the tragedy of the commons.
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