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Anarchy and Democracy in Family Guy

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DanielMuff Posted: Sun, Jul 29 2012 11:39 PM

Anyone else watch tonight's episode of Family Guy

Carter Pewterschmidt forms a tea party movement and succeeds in getting Quahog's government to disband. So, of course, you get the typical anarchy equals chaos bits; however, at the end, Peter comes up with an idea to end the chaos. That idea is democracy.

The intention of the episode must be to show that even the ancaps--for lack of a better word--eventually formed a democracy. But what's ironic is that the case for ancapism is actually made; that is, the town voluntarily formed a government.

Of course, the voluntary government was equated with statism and, so, the episode shows to the viewers that government is needed, as was intended. Only us would have seen the episode for it was and what it showed.


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ThatOldGuy replied on Mon, Jul 30 2012 12:01 AM

We've talked about this before. Here's the thread if you're interested:

Family Guy tackles anarchy

(keep in mind: this episode was intended to attack The Tea Party)

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