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Banking and the Knights Templar

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Vampiro posted on Wed, Aug 29 2012 12:40 AM

Hi all,

  There are some conflicting views regarding the Knights Templar and their system of banking.  Some say that the Knights Templar issued wooden chits which were redeemable in gold.  They supposedly started issuing more chits then there was gold.  That would mean the creation of a fractional reserve system, which would result in monetary inflation, which allegedly happened, causing them to wind up with the gold, thereby robbing the depositors and leaving them with worthless checks.   

      Then there are claims that the Knights Templar maintained a full reserve banking system and ensured the safekeeping of the money entrusted to them by depositors.  That is until the King Phillip (whom owed the Knights a great deal of money) had the Templars tortured and killed.       

  The individual talking about the Templars and the chits was Paul A Drockton M.A.  The site is .  In this he talks about the need to understand money, but fails to understand money based upon what he writes.

  So, I am looking for more concrete information, and evidence in regard to the Knights Templar system of banking, and all monetary matters.  Maybe this is a more appropriate place to post this.  Thanks

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Vampiro replied on Wed, Aug 29 2012 10:41 AM

Thanks for the article.  It doesn't do much to explain the system of banking though.

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Are you refering to the recently created Mexican drug cartel, that call themselves the Knights Templar, or are you refering to the old Vatican Army that fought in the crusades?

As I understand it, the Vatican Knights Templar had a private system of banking that was secret in order to evade the laws and knowledge of the governments of Europe.  But, they were supposedly disbanded by one of the French Monarchs and this led them either underground or into the Masonic Lodges.  Also, I don't know much about it, but the banking system of Sweden had a lot to do with their operations.  I tried to read about it once, but all of the sources were dubious and the books were all expensive, so I gave up.

The Mexican drug cartel, those disgraces for human beings, may be doing something to launder money, but I doubt it is ingenoius and I also doubt that the authorities aren't already on to them.

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