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Forgive me, but I am clueless on Praxeolgy

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TheIndividualist Posted: Fri, Aug 31 2012 12:39 AM

I tried to read certain articles and even Wiki to understand the concept, but I can't exactly wrap my head around it. But this is what I got:

Praxeology is the study or scientific method of.. action? Based on the needs of the individual to achieve his happiness regardless of what is intended?

Please correct me if I am dreadfully wrong.

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Praxis is latin for action or movement. 

ology is the study of a discipline.



A conjuctive of action - the study of

Praxeology =The study of action.

Purposeful behavior is action and action is utilized in the application of means toward given ends. 

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lol i was just lookin into this a few dayy ago and found this in the beginner thread: (Praxeology playlist)

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