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Economics paper

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grant.w.underwood Posted: Tue, Sep 4 2012 11:18 AM

My big assignment for my economics class is a long paper on virtually anything I choose as long as it relates to the American monetary system.

I'm looking to do something that relates to this video:


and tie it with the Austrian business cycle as it pertains with the actions of the Fed.  I'm choosing these two subjects because as a student of AE i know most about the fed and i the concept of 'radical openness' is inspiring of what the future could be.  Bottom line: I want to put my idea of the Austrian business cycle on paper to see how much i know and i want to learn more about radical openness.

I want the mood of the paper to be inspirational and influencial. I'm going to be ending on something similar to Ray Kurzweil's 'the singlarity is near' or if we keep up with the fed's policies 'not so near'.

So what I am looking for source docs of the concept of 'radical openness' and why economically it works: everything from Khan Academy, MIT whole education online for free, offering free ebooks, google business model of allowing their employees to do whatever inspires them for 20% of the day, ect.  Since i'm a profiteer the most beneficial sources would be how free exchance of ideas leads businesses to more innovation, larger profits, economic growth, or anything similar.

source docs on intellectual property.  There are a lot out there that i've read.  Since i'm not writing a whole book who do think has written the most concise version of why IP laws are harmful.

also ideas of best way to make my paper flow tying IP/this concept of radical openness and the fed/Austrian business cycle together.

or ideas of a better topic, but id like the topic to be related to either the fed or the concept of radical openness.

Thanks and i will post my paper when im done to see yalls thinking on it (but it wont be until like nov)

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So ive started writing my paper and i will be posting bits and pieces of it here for advice and critique.

I still ultimately dont know where this paper will end at.  Ive started with the base of the theory of value as it relates to currency.  Due to my professor working at the fed for 20 some odd  years I feel the need to spend a couple pages to set up some definitions.

so two of the definitions im setting up are subjectivism as it relates to value (not necessarily currency) and economic calculations.

anyone know any good books, articles, or sections of a book that goes into detail on subjective value.  I cant think of anything off hand that goes into detail of what subjectivism is.

and for economic calculations - i have a ton of references, but im having writers block on the intro sentence.  Does anyone know a one or two sentence definition of economic calculations.  If it is your own words can i steal or if its a quote can you give me the reference?


Eat the apple, fuck the Corps. I don't work for you no more!
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The state is the greatest danger to radical openness.




“Since people are concerned that ‘X’ will not be provided, ‘X’ will naturally be provided by those who are concerned by its absence."
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RagnarD replied on Thu, Oct 11 2012 11:37 PM

Pretty simple video, but maybe it will help get you past your block.


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