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Who here has taken a personality test like a Myers Briggs?

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Winder Posted: Sun, Oct 7 2012 12:07 AM


Out of curiosity, who here has taken a personality test like a Myers Briggs?  I have a theory on political philosophy and personality types and I am curious about the personality types of those who frequent here.

I am an INTP.  Ti & Ne being my dominate traits.

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What is your theory?


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Marko replied on Sun, Oct 7 2012 3:11 AM

I did it ages ago, I was maybe 15 or something. It was funny because I felt the questions were unspecific and it was often the case that more than one answer seemed to describe me best. So I solved the test a few times, not just once and varied the answers to these questions I felt were too unspecific a little bit and got a few different results. So the funny part is that all these results seemed to have pretty good accuracy about them in relation to me though they were different from each other. So then I read some kind of a critical overview of these tests, or maybe it was a topic on a forum, don't recall now, but anyways whatever it was I read said these tests had been criticized because supposedly if you read the results descriptions very carefully you will see they are writen in such a way that as many people as possible may find themselves in them, and I instantly agreed with this view and critique after reading it.

I think I would like to see an experiment where a person solves this test, but is then not given that results description the test implies is hers, but instead be given the description of another type and then be asked if she finds the test got her right.

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I've done it twice. The first time I got INTP with really low P and the second time I got INTJ with really low J.

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The infj is my God and my Savior forever and for all eternity.  I have the same as rothbard and obama so I think rothbard and I have similar fathers... I don't know much about his mother though.

obama had a good grandmother, she may have been an INFJ.  I think obama's matrilineal lineage consisted of rape victims, maybe even rothbard's did too I don't know.  Maybe my own matrilineal lineage did, I don't know.

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Winder replied on Sun, Oct 7 2012 1:23 PM

Were both tests the Meyers Briggs version?  In the Jung version P is reveresed with J.  There are a dozen versions of the test and they don't all classify people exactly the same.

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Winder replied on Sun, Oct 7 2012 1:34 PM

Whcih version of the test did you take?  

Some people will score right down the middle and will get different results depending on their mood when they take the test.  So it is possible for a well balanced person to see him/her self in all of the possible classifications.  That does not mean the test is flawed, it just means the person taking the test is balanced.

They are not just scoring answers either, so trying to figure out the best answer for a question is pointless.  They will ask you a series of questions in a certain order, and then ask basically the same questions in a diferent order because they are looking for patterns in how you answer the questions and to see how the order of questions effects your answers.  

If a person was totally honest with the test (and themselves) the entire test could be done in 20 questions or less.  The reason the tests are 80+ questions is because the patterns found in your answers are possibly more important than the answers themselves.  Some people answer honestly, some people project who they want to be/should be, and some people answer based on what they think is the right answer.

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