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"The Apotheosis of Washington"

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MadMiser Posted: Sun, Oct 14 2012 8:56 AM

Does anyone else find this to be disgusting? From both a secular and a theological point of view, it seems hard to argue that it's not at least a little bit revolting. How did the theists of the time let something like this happen?

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Malachi replied on Sun, Oct 14 2012 9:55 AM
What exactly were they supposed to do to stop it? The capital has stuff like this all over. Government is not secular, government has its own religion.

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I don't think it is "disgusting."  It is the US government's attempt to imitate the Romans.  Lincoln is sitting at his monument posed like Jupiter and Jefferson is in a mock Roman Rotunda...

If you look at the paiting you'll notice that Mercury is actually giving Robert Morris coins..

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