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Personal Responsibility

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Stolz2525 Posted: Wed, Jul 30 2008 8:17 AM

Sometimes the Onion gets it exactly right.  And it's funny too!

NEW YORK—Alarmed by the unhealthy choices they make every day, more and more Americans are calling on the government to enact legislation that will protect them from their own behavior.

"The government is finally starting to take some responsibility for the effect my behavior has on others," said New York City resident Alec Haverchuk, 44, who is prohibited by law from smoking in restaurants and bars. "But we have a long way to go. I can still light up on city streets and in the privacy of my own home. I mean, legislators acknowledge that my cigarette smoke could give others cancer, but don't they care about me, too?"

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Taylor replied on Sun, Aug 3 2008 7:58 PM

Seriously, what kind of cattle rancher lets the physical health of his herd degenerate?  :P

"Nolite confidere in principibus"

 ~ Psalm 146:3

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