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Ludwig von Mises Institutet (Sweden) self-contradictory.

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Vichys Tool Posted: Wed, Oct 31 2012 8:38 AM



Take a look at the Mises Institute in Sweden.

Below "Ludwig von Mises Institutet i Sverige" it says something like

"Against the state, for peace and freedom, property and the right to your life"

Self-contradictory. Mises was clearly not an anti state anarchist or advocate of self-evident deontological libertarian moralism.


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Malachi replied on Wed, Oct 31 2012 8:43 AM
He was probably more in favor of personal govt than an impersonal state?
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excel replied on Wed, Oct 31 2012 8:50 AM

How is it self-contradictory? The swedish mises institute is clearly not Mises?

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h.k. replied on Wed, Oct 31 2012 9:06 AM

Mises is not the end-all, so it doesn't matter either way.


He's just a great starting point for Austrians, but he has been improved upon.

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Clayton replied on Wed, Oct 31 2012 12:52 PM

Perhaps "state" is more synonymous with "welfare state" in Sweden? (I'm speculating here...) Mises stated clearly his opposition to welfare-statism. While he clearly was not anti-State in the same sense that Rothbard, Hoppe and Rockwell are, he wrote approvingly of many of Rothbard's works. And as noted above, taking a namesake for an Institute is not the same thing as adopting that namesake's beliefs as a dogma - it simply means "we're inspired by this fellow but (of course) we have our own views which may differ from his in certain details."

Clayton -
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