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Introduction to law resources?

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jorge.d.f.branco Posted: Thu, Nov 8 2012 4:07 AM


In the last days I've been reading Hayek's "Constitution of Liberty". I couldn't but feel lost when reading portions of text in some way related to law. Concepts as Jurisprudence, Natural Law, Positive Law, etc are alien to me.

Without any prior knowledge on the matter, I may speculate that the topic might be of some interest to me, so I'd be willing to learn about the subject before reading "Law, Legislation, and Liberty".

I know I can just google definitions as they come up during my Hayek's readings, but I'd prefer to be "formally" introduced to the topic in a more consistent and coherent way, if possible.

What resources (books, I guess) would you point me out to? I believe I'm not looking for a comprehensive Tome of Law, but something introductory and covering the major topics on the matter.


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