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Live Author Chat with J. Neil Schulman (Alongside Night) - November 10, 2012

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Geoffrey Allan Plauché Posted: Fri, Nov 9 2012 11:41 PM

Many of you may be familiar with J. Neil Schulman, the author of libertarian science fiction novel Alongside Night. He's adapting his Prometheus Hall of Fame Award-winning novel into a movie starring Kevin Sorbo.

My webzine, Prometheus Unbound, is hosting a live author chat with Schulman via Google+ Hangouts on Air today (that's Saturday, November 10th) at 9PM EST as part of our online book club.

If you're not familiar with it, Google+ is Google's social network and a Hangout is a live video chat that can accomodate up to 10 people at the same time. The "on Air" part means it'll be streaming live so that anyone who can't fit into the chat can watch it on Google+ or our YouTube channel. A recording of the event will also be uploaded to YouTube afterward.

You're all invited to join us for this event. If you aren't able to get into the chatroom itself or can't make it at all, you can send questions for us to ask Schulman for you.

For more details on the event, check out the official Google+ event page.

Yours in liberty,
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Anenome replied on Sun, Nov 11 2012 1:40 PM

I have to say that, after witnessing this guy hijack a talk by Kinsella at Libertopia, Kinsella wasn't even gonna take questions, but this Schulman guy blurts out would he take a question from me, Schulman, and Kinsella basically was browbeat into accepting. So he starts with his question-that-turned-into-a-speech which Kinsella answered, and then Schulman continued to disrupt the meeting after it was over and a new speaker was trying to take the floor with Schulman's argument with a guy in the back of the room, where he shouted at the guy, "Do you know who I am?! Do you know who I am?!" over and over. Meanwhile I approached this douche and yelled at him, "Hey, take it outside! Take it outside!" in deference to the new speaker due to speak. So after seeing that performance, I can't say I have much respect left for the guy :\

New speaker was David Friedman, btw, who gave an excellent talk on follow-on comments to his Machinery of Freedom.

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