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Josiah Schmidt Posted: Fri, Aug 1 2008 9:38 PM

Here's a few good Causes to join via the Cause application:

End The Fed:

Bring ALL Our Troops Home:

Repeal The 16th Amendment: (the guy who made this cause explained the 'Positions' kind of crappily, but the title of the cause gets the point across)

End The War On Drugs:

Repeal The Patriot Act:

No War Iran:

Make Poverty History - Promote Free Trade:

Repeal Roe v. Wade:

Repeal Minimum Wage Laws:

Withdraw From The United Nations:

Stop Foreign Aid:

Improve Schools: Abolish The United States Department Of Education:

And, of course, I would be remiss without posting this one--

Ludwig von Mises Institute:

Have fun. :)

"Anticapitalist theories share in common an inability to take human nature as it is. Rather than analyzing man as a complex creature, anticapitalist theories tend to focus on what the theorist wishes man to be." - Isaac Morehouse

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wombatron replied on Fri, Aug 1 2008 10:01 PM

To which I will add:

Classical Liberalism


Market Anarchy

In Memory of Murray N. Rothbard

Alliance of the Libertarian Left

Confederation of Agorist Individuals

Aristotelian Liberals

and Austrian School of Economics

And for those in my backwards neck of the woods: Southwest Iowa Libertarians

Market anarchist, Linux geek, aspiring Perl hacker, and student of the neo-Aristotelians, the classical individualist anarchists, and the Austrian school.

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MacFall replied on Fri, Aug 1 2008 10:57 PM

Lysander Spooner and Frederic Bastiat appreciation groups

Pro Christo et Libertate integre!

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