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Did Jevons and Walras make any claim about social utility?

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Vichys Tool posted on Sat, Nov 17 2012 8:54 AM

Professor Hülsmann associates Jevons and Walras line of economic thought with the Gossen School of economics. In this he is entirely right. 

However, Gossens theory involves a social utility function. Utility could be added and subtracted between individuals to show "their utility function".
Did Jevons and Walras accept such claim could be made about a social utility  function? I personally don't think Jevons made any statement about a social utility function. 


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Jevons also denied the possibility of making interpersonal comparisons of utility, pointing out that price theory did not require such comparisons

As I understand the issue, Jevons denied direct interpersonal comparison of utility, but accepted indirect comparison via money.

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