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thetabularasa Posted: Wed, Jan 2 2013 10:58 PM

Has the switch already officially been made? Is this the right site to register with? I'm confused on this whole process of transition.

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Wheylous replied on Wed, Jan 2 2013 11:03 PM

I'd recommend LibertyHQ forums, which have been thriving much more:

701 LHQ posts vs 250 AF at this moment.

It does not appear that the Mises forums have yet shut down, although registration has.

I'm trying to do as much of my posting as possible over at LHQ so as to not have it be empty when we do have to switch.

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Not sure if you were privy to any of the discussions prior, so I'll post this for anyone:

The relevant thread is here:

Key posts are here, here.


Other threads are here, here.


Apparently the other libertarian forums that are being most talked about here are:

LibertyHQ - Owned and run by Wheylous on a free platform

Voluntaryism Forum - owned and run by Autolykos on (the same) free platform


Voluntarist Reader is not a forum, but is still another spot on the web managed by members here.


Here is one of Wheylous' threads shamelessly promoting his forum.

Here is one of Autolykos' threads shamelessly promoting his forum.


As for your question, if by "right site" you mean the (more or less) "official" "new Mises Forum", then yes, is the site of the Mises Forums transition [name might be changed though].  It is owned and run by C. Blake Barber [twitter], an admin of this forum and developer for the Mises Institute (and other libertarian sources).

The site is planned to implement the database of this forum there, to preserve the full history of threads.  It is also planned to import all accounts from this forum to that one, so everyone will have their account intact.  (Any accounts already created there can be merged with imported accounts.)

That being said, join any or all of the forums you wish.  If you read through the threads linked at the top of this post, you'll find some have strong opinions about one forum or the other, while others like the idea of everyone joining every forum.


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