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Nabakov contra Darwin?

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vive la insurrection Posted: Mon, Jan 28 2013 11:32 PM

Interesting stuff:

Vladimir Nabokov is one of my favorite authors.  To some degree he seems to have been an "anti-darwinist" (whatever that means).  If this is true, it's always interesting seeing men better than you with hetrodox opinions.

Hopefully, this could inspire some people not to get a hard-on everytime the words "evolution", "darwin", or "natural selection" are thrown in front of some random word and received with metaphysical awe. (FYI: yes, I "believe in" darwinism, and yes this thread would get very stupid very quick if someone went on some manifesto as to why Darwinism is correct because they read it in some Richard Dawkins pop science book)

"As in a kaleidoscope, the constellation of forces operating in the system as a whole is ever changing." - Ludwig Lachmann

"When A Man Dies A World Goes Out of Existence"  - GLS Shackle

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