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Wouldn't less govt revenue mean less govt spending?

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No2statism posted on Fri, Feb 15 2013 3:24 PM

I was thinking so, but I need some sources to back me up.  Any links?

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it would not necessarily mean that. they can operate at a loss, and infact they do.

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If you mean tax revenue, maybe, but not necessarily. They can sell bonds and go into debt if they can get someone to loan them the money.

Would the state spend more if it had more tax revenue? Probably, because it is politically (and probably technically) easier to spend tax money than borrowed money.

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If there were no central banking system that could create money out of thin air, essentially yes.  Of course the government could always borrow as well, but less revenue (and no ability to print money) would necessarily mean less capacity to make debt service overall, it's fair to say it would mean less spending, and even more fair to say it would put an upper limit on spending (or at least one much stronger than the useless Congressional "ceiling" we have now.)

For more, see:

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No. This is entirely inaccurate. This is called a "deficit" and to my knowledge it has never stopped the rate of government growth or spending.

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