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Charity Not Enough?

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Buzz Killington posted on Mon, Feb 25 2013 10:52 PM

Hello. I was recently in a conversation with a National Socialist internet acquaintance of mine who was kicked out of his house by his psychotic mother, but even after going to every home of anyone he ever knew for any appreciable length of time, none of them wanted to house him. None of his extended family members across the world wanted to help him, either.

So my question is: has there been any empirical studies supporting the idea that people are "generous"? When dealing with human action, Austrians always assert that you can figure things out by pure theory. But that's nonsense. Theory cannot tell you whether or not people will be generous. You have to look in the real world to get a sense of how humans act.

So, have there been any such studies on the subject?

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Buzz Killington:
No, his political views are not known.

And yet we have the magic of rejection by all of his close friends and relatives?  Sounds like you don't know as much about his story as you think.

Buzz Killington:
...poor people won't have wealthy people to draw on without welfare.

I didn't know the purpose of wealthy people was to be around for poor people to "draw on".

Buzz Killington:
...but there's still the problem of clothes, gas, food, and rent.

Get a job, keep the job, make the most of the job.  When I was just out of school I brought home just enough money to have four walls, lights and a cup o' ramen for about a year.  But at least I had that much, and it got better.

Buzz Killington:
So they will have to split rent with others their entire lives?

You don't think much of the skill sets of others, do you?

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What solution is there to this?

Is it possible that this is a pseudo-question when dealing with any scope a social science can intelligibly discuss?

What you may want to concern yourself with, is at what level and structure could a society even ballpark a figure like this, and get anything close to worth while feedback - even in throwing out words like "charity" (hint: it probably wouldn't have the structure of the EU).

See Ostrom for public choice theory on something like this - it isn't inherently capitalistic, if that's a beef of yours.

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