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Best resource for polycentric law?

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Hairnet Posted: Wed, Apr 3 2013 4:59 PM

    I need to decide whether or not polycentric law makes sense in today's world.  Most of the "Anarchist" positions I already agree with  (Military Taxes, Regulation, Securrity,Contracts, Markets), but I don't know anything about polycentric law.

     I read the Bob Murphy article about Law and watched the "Market for Securtiy" video, but I found that he didn't go in depth enough into the questions I had about polycentric legal systems.   

    Who has written the best, in depth book or other resource about polycentric law? The best sholarship you know of please!


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Machinery of Freedom, by David Friedman. PDF available online.

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Neodoxy replied on Wed, Apr 3 2013 9:02 PM

Anarchy and the Law

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You could look into this woman's research: Elinor Ostrom


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