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Help crowdfund the liberty movement in Bulgaria!

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Wheylous Posted: Tue, Apr 23 2013 7:06 PM


This summer I'll be working on an internship with the Bulgarian Libertarian Society to lay the foundations for a growing and self-perpetuating liberty movement on high school and college campuses, and to help build online websites and media for easy access to libertarian principles in Bulgarian.

At the BLS we've drawn up an inquiry letter for you guys to tell you what we're about:


The gist of it is as follows:


  • Campus outreach – partnering with on-the-ground activists spreading the ideas of liberty on their campuses. This includes providing them with further education in economics and philosophy, as well as working with them to organize seminars, events, and discussion groups. Since knowledge is local, we seek to mirror the structure of Students for Liberty, which provides support for activists while allowing them wide berth in deciding what activities are most suited to their campuses.

  • Easy online access to libertarian ideas – there has been much scholarship done in the tradition of classical liberalism in the world. Unfortunately, many of the critical essays and conclusions have not made their way into Bulgarian form; even when they exist, they are not accessible to the general public and to students specifically. We seek to create an online portal for libertarian ideas in Bulgarian to make the principles of liberty clear, concise, and publicly available.


I'll be running this fundraiser on libertarian forums for a few days. Our overall goal is $3000-$4000, but for now I've set the goal target to $1200 so that we don't end up falling short of the amount and not getting any of the money.


What I ask is that you find it in your heart to give up a few beers and donate to the cause. We'd love donations around $10-$20 (or more!), but it would be wonderful even if you can donate just $5.


Here is the link to donate:


Donations are made through the Students For Liberty organization and are tax-deductible. Your info is safe with SFL.


We're looking into setting up a Bitcoin wallet if you guys prefer using that (though, for practical purposes, the BLS prefers the fiat donation at this time).


If you've ever found any posts of mine useful or if you've used LibertyHQ (, I'd appreciate a donation!! :D


At the end of the project, we will be writing a report up for you guys on our progress.

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