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My ex employee exploits me and became my competitors?

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genepool Posted: Sun, Apr 28 2013 10:08 PM

Everybody said about how bosses exploit their employee. I cave in. I tried to be a nice boss

By the way, my ex employee just became my competitors. I taught them. I paid them salary. They used to pay huge tuition to school learning garbabe, I taught them real stuff.

Then, they did the same thing behind my back and left.

Now who are exploiting who? I feel I am being exploited. I learn not to be too nice to employee anymore.

Ownership is just a philosophical term. Control ship is everything. The richest guy in the world is not Bill Gates. Bill Gates can't even kill 1 person and get a way with it. The richest person in the world Obama, Chavez, Suharto. They have huge power.

As for letting people earn their labor. Fine. Don't work for me. Figure out how to make money your self.

In fact, I am going to be so nice I am going to tell you how to make money. Sign up to and Buy traffic from and sell product at

Will it make money? I haven't tried. If I have tried and tested why should I tell you. It takes 10-20 experiments before I found something working. Can average employee do that?

Not if I don't teach them. Very few people can figure out how to do things right away like me without being taught. I deserve the fruit of my labor.

I took the risk by paying them salary and taught them how to do stuffs. I am just digging my own grave.

Unfortunately the only way to get what I deserve is by not teaching my employee everything. They can be drones that do things that save my time never seeing the big pictures. That's, unfortunately, the right way to deal with them.

Sometimes we have bosses exploiting employees. Well, I wanted to get out of that stereotype. Now I realized, exploiting each other is how everyone else do their stuff.

It's the natural order. Keep what's mine mine, and keep what's theirs' theirs.

Now I'll just teach family members.

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Old news.  Why did you think corporations don't head-hunt in high school and send smart kids to college to work for them?  You need to play more Star Wars games; read the Sith code.  Lol.  The best contributors especially are apt to leave because they can outcompete you.  Read about the decline of Zynga.  You find a task, find someone to do it.  That's it.

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gotlucky replied on Sun, Apr 28 2013 11:41 PM

You actually read the OP?

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You actually read the OP?

It's actually a good topic.

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gotlucky replied on Sun, Apr 28 2013 11:50 PM

Well I guess I'll read it tomorrow.

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cab21 replied on Sun, Apr 28 2013 11:52 PM


it's not exploitation to hire who you want to do what you want, nor to use skills learned at a job to compete with the ex employers.

it's  the decision and responsibility of the person who decides to compete to deal with the consequences.

as long as each honers the contract, each can only be self exploited and cannot exploit the other

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Teach him a lesson in the market! Make him run back to you.

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Ownership is just a philosophical term.

You JUST made s philodophicsl statement and a value statement.  Or how about this:  Ownership is just a philosophical statement.  (By the way what are the terms "controlship", exploit", and "power"?)


Biology is just a science


I am merely stating facts over more important opinions

how about this:

By the way, my ex employee just became my competitors. I taught them. I paid them salary.

Assuming you have some type of science hard on, you just gave what is called a testimonial, which is not acceptable in most social science texbooks that teach generic science cliche's.

neither is this:

I feel I am being exploited.


I'm no doctor but you should probably take a chill pill...your posts are a bit out there


"As in a kaleidoscope, the constellation of forces operating in the system as a whole is ever changing." - Ludwig Lachmann

"When A Man Dies A World Goes Out of Existence"  - GLS Shackle

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Bogart replied on Mon, Apr 29 2013 8:43 PM

You did not say that your employee did this and broke some sort of EXPLICIT contract with you that he would not compete with you for some prespecified time after he voluntarily leaves your employment.  And further more you did not say that the employee/s were explicitly contracted not to steal your current customers.


But even with these contracts and assuming you could sue and win, when you make an investment you take risk that the investment will not pan out.  This is especially hazardous if you are investing in a fellow human emotional baggage and all.

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