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Homosexual Marriage

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Thomas posted on Sat, May 4 2013 11:42 AM

What is the Austrian economic thought on changing marriage laws to include homosexual marriaga?

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Austrian Economics has no say on homosexual marriage.  The only branches of "economics" that would have anything to say on such a matter would be crankish schools of thought with some ideological ax to grind.

If you are talking about libertarianism, the views can be diverse and varying perspectives on how to look at social customs in relation to the state/ "natural law / etc.  There is no single unified answer.

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@Jon I think this goes beyond just Hoppe marketing libertarianism to bigots (which i don't see how that is better but okay). he is explicitly saying that "a libertarian order" can't be maintained unless we are all bigots. if someone disputes the goals of the covenant community, they must be dispelled. how is that type of collectivist clap trap not morally questionable?

Well I've not seen any indication that the man himself supports these kind of ideas (as I know people who are friends with him), hence my hypothesis that he is a) marketing his work towards a particular audience b) using hyperbole to stimulate discussion (and this is something Hoppe does a lot of) and c) is referring specifically to anti-familial ideologies. His words can be interpreted as "do this or suffer the consequences", not that there must be some central authority coordinating anything. Then again I am more inclined to read Hoppe sympathetically because I like the majority of his work. Regardless, let us get back on topic.

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At last those coming came and they never looked back With blinding stars in their eyes but all they saw was black...
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