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Scottish Independence

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Ben Posted: Mon, May 6 2013 1:06 PM

In 2014, people in Scotland age 16 or over will be able to vote to decide whether or not Scotland should remain part of the UK or become an independent country. On the face of it, secession seems like it would be a good idea (smaller country, more decentralization); however, all of Scotland's major parties are social democratic or centre left, taxes would be raised and we would likely join the Euro. But it's not like the UK is freedom-orientated at all either, and taxes are likely also going to be raised. Although, EU independence is becoming more popular in the rest of the UK and this is a good thing. It should also be noted that Scotland becoming independent may help secession movements around the world, which seems like a good thing to me. And of course there's the third option of not voting at all.

What do you guys think?

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Jargon replied on Mon, May 6 2013 1:13 PM

I'm for it.

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As am I. Scotland government might go even more leftward, but the English will tend to the right. This is assuming of course that the Scottish population is currently more left-leaning than the English counterpart. 

What I'm hopeful for is more devolution for all the home countries. 

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Student replied on Mon, May 6 2013 2:28 PM

Relevant quote from Doctor Who, "The Beast Below". 


Mandy: You sound Scottish.
Amy: I am Scottish. What's wrong with that? Scotland's gotta be here somewhere [on this generation ship taking UK citizens to New Earth].
Mandy: No. They wanted their own ship.
Amy: Good for them. Nothing changes.
Everyone should watch it. Here's an episode desc.

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They should secede.  So should Ireland; anything to make England less powerful.  They should also follow in England's footsteps and manage their own currency.  The Euro is a disaster and I cannot imagine that they want to join it.

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Bogart replied on Mon, May 6 2013 4:15 PM

I would really be in favor of an independent Scotland if they adopted bitcoin or simply did not have an official currency letting market participants trade value in any means they prefer.  You know of course that all the EU wants to do is to get/bribe Scotland into taking its currency.  At that point they become wards of Brussles.

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Gavin23 replied on Mon, May 6 2013 9:16 PM

Yea I hope they gain independence. I know itll be a failure of a state because of their socialist policies but atleast the rump UK will go more to the right and devolution of power is always a good thing regardless. 

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