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Diplomas from the Austrian School?

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pazlenchantinrocks Posted: Mon, Oct 29 2007 3:56 AM

 Out of sheer curiousity and the motivation to have a diploma or degree recognizing my (hypothetical) achievements in understanding, I am curious as to whether or not there are diplomas out there that represent a successful completion of the demonstration of understanding Austrian Economics. 

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JAlanKatz replied on Mon, Oct 29 2007 3:45 PM

I think you can get some paper or other if you do the home study course.  Also, I know a certificate is given for attending the MU and passing the oral exams (warning:  most don't pass, and in recent years, a lot don't even get admitted to the exams.)  If you attend FEE's advanced seminar in Austrian Economics you get a certificate, a pin, and alumni privs at FEE.  Or, you could just get a PhD from GMU focusing on Austrian economics, or a master's from NYU.  There's talk about Grove City offering a masters, too.

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The paper for doing the home study course sounds most appealing to me.  Do you know where I could find more information on it?  I've been thinking about one day attending MU, however I do not want to even think about giving it a shot until I've done my homework.

Universities just aren't my thing.  I absolutely hate how they are structured and I'm having a hard time just completing community college because of it.  Besides, that route is far too expensive.


Thanks for the info!  I've been seriously considering buying the home study course for a while now.  Personally I know it's not the paper that counts but the education.  However a piece of paper would be nice to backup anything I would write on a resume.


Any other thoughts? 

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