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siamese twins?

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Eric posted on Tue, Oct 14 2008 7:56 PM

Ok, so here is an astoundingly stupid question......I am wondering how siamese twins should be treated in a free society. Here are a few questions.....

1. Would siamese twins be treaed as 1 person, or two? (I am guessing two?)

2. what if one half of a siamese twin wanted to kill himself? Could he do this, considering the other half( a seperate person I am assuming) would be killed as well?

3. What if murder was commited by a siamese twin, but one of the twins was completely innocent. Lets say he could not stop the murder. How could one punish the siamese twins without injuring an innocent person? (how would theft work as well?)

4. And finally how would you punish a twin if he commited a crime against the other twin, but couldn't afford to pay the victim back. Usually, the criminal would be foced to work until he has payed back his debt to the victim But I don't understand how this would work with siamese twins....


I honestly do not know how to answer these questions. I also don't know how we currently deal with these problems. If siamese twins are 2 different people, I don't see how we could punish one twin for a crime without violating the NAP. Maybe there is some simple answer, and I am just missing it.

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bigwig replied on Tue, Oct 14 2008 9:46 PM

Stop thinking so hard.

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I propose this question be considered only when we have met two criteria:


1. We live in a free society.


2. Conjoined twins suddenly rise up and go on a dilemma rampage. Travel, Adventure Travel, Arguments, Recipes.

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Eric replied on Wed, Oct 15 2008 2:27 PM

I still cannot figure out how this would be resolved. Now it is starting to make me angryAngry

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