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walter block Posted: Sun, Dec 21 2008 5:34 PM

Dear Jim:


Thanks for being willing to pass along some of my recent blog publications to your interested law school colleagues. Two of these concern two of them respectively, Profs. Medina and Vetter. A third one links to all of my writings on this thread. They are as follows:


Block, Walter. 2008. “Afraid to debate.” December 3; (Medina)


Block, Walter. 2008. “More Controversy Over Female-Male Pay Gap,” December 5; (Vetter)


Block, Walter. 2008. “Battling Political Correctness, and beating it: The Battle Over Political Correctness Continues.” December 16; (links)


As you suggested, I am appending a reading list on this subject. It may be of interest to some of your law school colleagues. Note, I do NOT agree with all of them; but, in the spirit of John Stuart Mill's On Liberty, I think it important that all scholars interested in this topic at least be familiar with what the other side is saying.


Your colleagues will also note that I have included not just of few of my own publications on this topic (I have highlighted them, to make them easier targets). I have a long paper trail on this issue, some of it in law reviews. Prof. Medina has expressed herself as unwilling to debate these issues, verbally. However, she may be open to intellectual exchanges through publications. She also mentioned that she and several of her law school colleagues have already published on these issues. I would ask her, and any other law school professor who has done so, to give me cites on this material. In that way, perhaps, we can engage in a dialogue through scholarly (labor economics and law review) literature.


Best regards,




Walter E. Block, Ph.D.

Harold E. Wirth Endowed Chair and Prof. of Economics

College of Business

Loyola University New Orleans

6363 St. Charles Ave., Box 15

New Orleans, LA 70118

tel: (504)864-7934

fax: (504)864-7970


Becker, Gary. 1957. The Economics of Discrimination, Chicago: The University of Chicago Press


Benbow, Camilla and Julian Stanley. 1982. “Consequences in High School and College of Sex Differences in Mathematical Reasoning: A Longitudinal Perspective.” American Education Research 19. Winter


Benbow, Camilla and Julian Stanley. 1984. “Gender and the Science Major: A Study of Mathematically Precocious Youth. Advances in Motivation and Achievement. 2.


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Whitehead, Roy and Walter Block. 2002. “Sexual Harassment in the Workplace: A Property Rights Perspective,” University of Utah Journal of Law and Family Studies, Vol. 4, pp.226-263;


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Williams, Walter, E. 1982. The State Against Blacks, New York, McGraw-Hill.

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wombatron replied on Sun, Dec 21 2008 5:57 PM

With all due respect, Prof. Block, why are you posting this here?

Market anarchist, Linux geek, aspiring Perl hacker, and student of the neo-Aristotelians, the classical individualist anarchists, and the Austrian school.

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Remember: there can never be too much of a correct theory.

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With all due respect, Prof. Block, why are you posting this here?

I think the idea is to show a few good places to start research on the subject of race, IQ, etc.

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