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The Fateful Future of the United States

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Jimmy Posted: Sun, Jan 25 2009 5:05 PM

The Dow Jones up 244.84 points, The US dollar looses against the Euro & Pound again, Insurgent and suicide attacks still remain a constant burden on US forces, Home foreclosures remain in the millions nationwide, and both Bank of America merged with Citigroup are in the talks of being of Nationalized. People think Obama's policies are the right solution to cure America's financial ailments yet most don't know that the US national debt is over the countries GDP, Social security is all but bankrupt, Medicaid can't even cover a majority poverty stricken unemployed workers, and a scarier aspect is the United States cooperation with it's allies economic philosophy on government intervention into free markets. Germany, France, and Britain just the few examples of Socialist democracies taking strict, unorthodox, and unprecedented actions into free market, free Enterprise, and market dominated business being affected by the long term monetary policies, that which being the fiat currencies, long ago instituted in the 1990s shaping the Euro currency.

Barrack Obama is the fantasy liberal extremist's have dreamed for a long time, extending the parties tax policies, expanding welfare spending, and the plan for middle class families making under 200 thousand a year get a 1000 dollar economic relief check is all but a practical joke. The law of supply and demand are kicking in this recession crisis, the more money in supply printed the less in demand it is, there for decreasing the value of the US dollar, and to meet the the demand of the prices of products & services, companies must raise their employees salaries. There for in the event of a bigger money supply that is money being cheap people can spend more and more at the stores, products fly off the selves like geese, so to more on the selves, more stores employees employed, then they have to raise prices. Government intervention can seriously disrupt market prosperity in the event's of bankrupt companies, recessions, slow downs in the economy, the new administration is blowing this crisis out of proportion and even more idiotic is the efforts of the New treasury secretary Tim Geithner who was recently charged with Tax fraud for three years, his efforts are completely futile with the same spending in the billions of tax payers money and printing more. The impudent fans of Barrack Obama will sorely be disappointed if they think he represents the change they think he will make, he has backfired on all his promises, changing his stance on the wars in the middle east in April of 08, and even agreeing with his counter part republicans of stimulus bills. Obama is lying and contradicting his on his policies that were mostly anti Bush which enthralled many of his campaign supporters in famous blue states, he came on with a policy of anti spending, cutting the military industrial complex spending budget, start a slow pullout of US troops from war zones, and defended his stance on saying he would sharpen the image of the United States worldwide.

GOTCHA! The man was an explicitly lied in his campaign promises, he is an outright far left wing panzi Socialist willing to bail out major business debts, in return giving big government it's share of profits and stock options, he is not an asset of the American people. His top 5 campaign contributors in 2008 were, The University of California, Goldman Sachs, Harvard University, Microsoft Inc, and even Google all contributed to his campaign for a corporation/government controlled America aka a Socialist United States. A brief term describing the difference between Capitalism and Socialism, in Capitalism it's all competition guided by free markets, but in Socialism it's cooperation with large monopolies in bed with the banks, and big brother government.

He was mainly confronted by the issue on the wars, for instance in a 2007 Fox interview he said that he doesn't see a difference made by 20000 or 30000 troops In the regions of Iraq or Afghanistan would make. Then a year later nearing the election victory he backfired and made up a so called clever strategy to a success in middle east regions with an increase of 30000 to 40000 US forces in those regions. The same was said for the early years of George W. Bush's campaign when he opposed the government stance of nations building, the numerous amounts of spending on foreign aid, or the minor military intervention's in third world regions during the Clinton years. Yet the man misguided the country completely when it came the after effects of 911, it's still a controversial that our own government doesn't give us any private investigations in the matter nor gives us any insight to why it collapsed, even the New York port authority and the Fire department said they heard detonators/bombs going off in the main lobbies of the centers.


And a CNN interview which all people should have been surprised to hear Bush say to a Washington press reporter that Iraq had ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do with the 911 terror attacks, they posed no National security threat at the time, and a worse irony is that our main Oil exporter Saudi Arabia is where the hijackers came from. It was a signal from the attempted attack in 1993, the Beirut Bombings during the Regan administration, The Iranian hostage crisis during Carter, and even Eisenhower's intervention in Palestine that US foreign policy was a complete and utter disaster for the fiscal future of the United States. It ruined the countries reputations, lambasted peaceful nations only meaning to trade and make diplomacy with us, this goes with Iran's efforts of trying to warn the American people of the mistakes it's leaders of making. The Iranian president couldn't be more wise and truthful, though we do not agree on our religious beliefs, he is right on his accusations that we help a Zionist state bent on the destruction of the Palestinian peoples and waging the never ending war on Muslim extremist's. The war is mainly designed from within the policies of the United States war department, it's capitalist's Oil companies which seek military presence to maintain their oil claims.

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