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A good place to start?

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joshggross Posted: Fri, Dec 21 2007 2:43 AM

Although I have been a libertarian since I was really young, my knowledge of free market economics is relatively limited.  Somebody suggested this site and it seems to have an extensive library of information.  However, I am not really sure where to start.  Would anybody have any suggestions for someone who is new to Austrian Economics (and only has a minimal knowledge in basic economics)?  Thank you very much.

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Fried Egg replied on Fri, Dec 21 2007 4:23 AM

This book is a great introduction to Austrian Economics.

This is also quite a good introduction to economic reasoning.

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Junker replied on Fri, Dec 21 2007 5:01 PM

Human Action by Ludwig von Mises

Man, Economy, and State by Murray N. Rothbard


I started with HA and consider it the book of the century. MES covers the economics clearly, even simply, and some of the (limited) further development in economics after Mises' HA of 1950.

Both are available for free download at or in paper at the's store. *is* the fountain of wisdom on economics and libertarian/classical liberal thought- a great wealth of freely available publications.

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Economics in One Lesson by Henery Hazlitt is the first book on economics that I read. It's a good, short, introduction that alone will give you more economic knowledge than 99% of the population.

 Economics for Real People by Calahan is also very good.

 I would say start with one of those.

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