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What is Ron Paul's connection to the Mises institute?

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joshggross Posted: Fri, Dec 21 2007 11:20 PM

I'm clearly new here and I'm just curious, does Ron Paul have a formal connection to the Mises Institute?  Did he ever work there?  Is he just highly respected?  Is he typically considered an expert in Austrian economics? (I don't think he has a degree in economics)  Forgive me if these are stupid questions.

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He is closely affiliated with it. It has released books of his. Paul has met some of the deans of the Austrian School, such as Rothbard. He is intimately familiar with Austrian Economics (which he has written on) and apparently has pictures of Austrian economists hanging near his office desk. He is an autodidact, and likely knows a great deal more than most 'professional' economists. The LVMI is definitely supportive of Paul.


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 I thought I remember reading that Ron Paul was one of the founding members of LVMI. I could be wrong...

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JAlanKatz replied on Sat, Dec 22 2007 4:50 PM

The LvMI does not officially support Ron Paul's campaign for President.  That said, Ron Paul the person is associated with the Institute.  He speaks regularly at Mises Circle events, and is respected as having studied with leading Austrians.  The Institute, however, does not take political positions or endorse candidates. 

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